Hosted at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Schools of Engineering and Computer Science & Statistics

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Venue – Trinity College Dublin

FPL 2018 will be held in Trinity College Dublin situated right in the city centre of Dublin. Founded in 1592, Trinity College is one of the oldest universities in Europe and the 35-acre campus is located in the heart of Dublin city.
This 16th century campus, surrounded by attractive gardens, is an ideal location for conferences with well-equipped lecture theatres, accommodation, banking facilities, shopping, tourist attractions including the new Science Gallery. The main conference will be held in the Arts Building. All the conference hotels are within walking distance of Trinity Conference Centre and onsite student accommodation is available.

Conference Venue: Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

There are few conference centres in the world that can claim to be so infused with history than that of Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The Dublin campus has been situated in the heart of the city centre for over 400 years and is a renowned international tourist attraction offering beautiful architecture and world treasures including ‘the Book of Kells’ and the ‘Brian Boru Harp‘.