General Notes

People from certain countries need a valid Irish entry visa before arriving in the State, whether by air, sea or land. In Ireland, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) is primarily responsible for dealing with immigration and visa matters. The full guidelines relevant to visa matters are available on the website of INIS:

  • To find out what you need to enter Ireland based on your nationality, please click here
  • An online Irish visa application facility must be used by all applicants from visa-required countries. See here to apply
  • Please note that a Schengen visa or UK visa is not valid for travel to Ireland.  Schengen area permit holders must apply for an Irish visa as Ireland is not a member of the Schengen Area.

Invitation Letter

If you need a letter in support of a visa application to attend UK Speech 2018, you should contact us at: 

Please note that the invitation letters for visa purposes can only be sent to those who have completed the registration process. You also need to be able to demonstrate a clear involvement in the UK Speech Research Community.

Processing times

For most visas, current advice is that you can expect a decision 8 weeks after it was received by the Irish Visa Office, Embassy or Consulate you sent it to.

Be aware however that processing times can change during the year, e.g. before holiday periods. You are advised not to pay for a travel ticket before you receive a decision on your visa.